Football Kits’ History Regarding Football Club Arsenal

Football club Arsenal, now playing in the Premier League, is renowned for their symbolic red and white home football kit; at the same time, the away and third football kits also are designed year by year. Many people may know nothing about the hidden meaning behind the colour schemes of all football kits. So, more details will be contained in the passage, and how they evolved in the past years. It perhaps unveils the secret on the popularity and eagerness of new football kits.

Hidden Stories behind Arsenal Home Football Kits

When it comes to the story behind original home football kits of football club Arsenal, there is an interesting story, which started from the establishment of Arsenal in 1886. It’s founders were asked to choose source a batch of football kits for all footballers. For the sake of special identity — former football players of¬†Nottingham Forest, so they apply for assistance from the previous club. And the previous football club donate a batch of football kits to them. Then, they have worn such kits in many small and big matches until they were asked to change their kits for easier recognition in pitches.

The original football kits from Nottingham Forest were crimson tops with white shorts, and white and blue socks. Because of special requests on football kits, they brightened the crimson color a little and added into the original designs with white sleeves. Another story about their kits are that Herbert Chapman affected its design in a weird manner. But it could not be assured. Another version of story is that the Chapman was inspired by a kit of clothes by a cartoonist during a football match with golf. In 1993, manufacturers of football club changed the design of football kits slightly while the new design were resisted by most football fans. So, the design was returned back in the next season for football fans’ against.

Since the establishment of the football club, it cooperated with several brands, including Bukta (1930-1970), Umbro (1971-1986), Adidas (1986 – 1994), Nike (1994 – 2014), Puma (2014 -2018), etc.

Classic Football kits of Arsenal

Similar to many football teams, Arsenal has witnessed ups and downs in football leagues over past decades. Nonetheless, football fans may pursue some kits for outstanding performances in specific seasons, then those football kits would become iconic. Several classic kits are as follows:

The 2013-14 football kits — “Invincibles”

Football club Arsenal won many football games effortlessly through the whole season. It is the unstoppable and impeccable performances through the whole season that the club won the nickname “Invincibles”. In 2013-14, Arsenal won 26 matches and drew in 12 competitions, leading to an all-time high. It is for great achievements throughout the whole season that the 2013-14 kit of Arsenal were popular amongst numerous football fans.

In addition, the Highbury commemorative jersey is also listed into the popular kits. Nick manufactured crimson football tops in the memory of the Highbury stadium before they moved to Emirates Stadium. Football tops featured gold details against the crimson base. Each shirt was embroidered with time stamp of the football club.



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