Chelsea Windrunner Jacket Blue & White

Many football gears could be found from the selection, such as football shirts, football kits, socks, training kits, training jackets, especially a Chelsea kit. Now, a new batch of windrunner jacket has been sourced from our manufacturer directly. For the purpose of saving costs and cutting prices, many middle-men have been cut.

After scorching summer, footballers or other people who are enthusiastic about sports activities, have to choose suitable jacket for themselves to adapt to weather changing. The Chelsea Windrunner Jacket Blue & White is a must have for fall and winter.

Some obvious characteristics are as follows:

Raglan sleeves

White shoulder panels

White hood with blue draw cord

Blue Nike Swoosh

Chelsea Crest

White and blue base color

Zipped pocket on both sides

High-collar and full zip

Enthusiasm of sports activities could not be stopped by capricious weather. No matter a spectator or a player need not concern that little rain will ruin sports activities. The Chelsea windruner jacket could solve the problem perfectly. For the sake of the special material, rains could be drained easily and the jacket is still dry. In addition to resist little rain, the Chelsea windrunner jacket could also apply to resist strong wind.

Football fans could show homage to their favourite football team by donning the brand-new jacket. The white hood keeps you warm and dry while the blue draw cord allows one regulate body temperature as needed. Beathable material is suitable for any climate. For improving wearing experience, mesh lining and back vents are adopted in some parts.

Round blue crest of club Chelsea and dark blue Nike Swoosh are printed on left chest and right chest respectively. Two pockets are woven onto two sides. Those two zipped pockets on both sides allow wears store private obejects securely. Two full sleeves are woven by two parts seamlessly.

Similar to front, the back of jacket are printed in white and blue. Except for base colors, there are no other decorations on the back. The high-collar and blue full zip could cover upper part of your face, keeping heating as much as possible.

Then let’s look at Cesc Fàbregas, who is a supreme mater of assist. After the fond farewells on Friday night by him, Chelsea posted news on their social media account, publishing photos of his assists. Most passes were 40 to 50 yards, which were launched with his own half. No matter how conditions change, the football will land on the foot of his teammates precisely.

That the reason why Premiere League will not forget the Spanish footballers, sitting deep, unfolding secrets of defences, redefining the meaning of assist. He played roles of a magician and a conductor, controlling the tempo and flow of football matches. In addition, he could also reverse it in short time.

He was active in pitches and often get around the pitch. More information will be published in short time. Welcome to E-mail us so that we could improve our services as much as possible. Thanks for your visit.


Football Kits’ History Regarding Football Club Arsenal

Football club Arsenal, now playing in the Premier League, is renowned for their symbolic red and white home football kit; at the same time, the away and third football kits also are designed year by year. Many people may know nothing about the hidden meaning behind the colour schemes of all football kits. So, more details will be contained in the passage, and how they evolved in the past years. It perhaps unveils the secret on the popularity and eagerness of new football kits.

Hidden Stories behind Arsenal Home Football Kits

When it comes to the story behind original home football kits of football club Arsenal, there is an interesting story, which started from the establishment of Arsenal in 1886. It’s founders were asked to choose source a batch of football kits for all footballers. For the sake of special identity — former football players of Nottingham Forest, so they apply for assistance from the previous club. And the previous football club donate a batch of football kits to them. Then, they have worn such kits in many small and big matches until they were asked to change their kits for easier recognition in pitches.

The original football kits from Nottingham Forest were crimson tops with white shorts, and white and blue socks. Because of special requests on football kits, they brightened the crimson color a little and added into the original designs with white sleeves. Another story about their kits are that Herbert Chapman affected its design in a weird manner. But it could not be assured. Another version of story is that the Chapman was inspired by a kit of clothes by a cartoonist during a football match with golf. In 1993, manufacturers of football club changed the design of football kits slightly while the new design were resisted by most football fans. So, the design was returned back in the next season for football fans’ against.

Since the establishment of the football club, it cooperated with several brands, including Bukta (1930-1970), Umbro (1971-1986), Adidas (1986 – 1994), Nike (1994 – 2014), Puma (2014 -2018), etc.

Classic Football kits of Arsenal

Similar to many football teams, Arsenal has witnessed ups and downs in football leagues over past decades. Nonetheless, football fans may pursue some kits for outstanding performances in specific seasons, then those football kits would become iconic. Several classic kits are as follows:

The 2013-14 football kits — “Invincibles”

Football club Arsenal won many football games effortlessly through the whole season. It is the unstoppable and impeccable performances through the whole season that the club won the nickname “Invincibles”. In 2013-14, Arsenal won 26 matches and drew in 12 competitions, leading to an all-time high. It is for great achievements throughout the whole season that the 2013-14 kit of Arsenal were popular amongst numerous football fans.

In addition, the Highbury commemorative jersey is also listed into the popular kits. Nick manufactured crimson football tops in the memory of the Highbury stadium before they moved to Emirates Stadium. Football tops featured gold details against the crimson base. Each shirt was embroidered with time stamp of the football club.



Football Shirts for Manchester City

Josep Guardiola Sala is a professional Spanish football coach and former player. He was the manager of Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Currently, he coaches Manchester City.

The news that if Guardiola will renew the contract with Manchester City has attracted attention recently. He has been the head coach of Manchester City since the 2016-17 season and there is a three-year contract between the two sides. The club led by Guardiola improved quickly in the past two years. It has won the Premier League title in the 2017-18 season, which is of significance to the history of the Premier League.

Guardiola is an excellent coach specializing in football. Even if some people say that his coach rarely works well for such a strong team as Bayern and Barcelona. However, opportunities and challenges coexist in football. Nobody is born perfect. He instills his ideals and thoughts in the players and has helped Barcelona win unprecedented six successive titles, which makes other players and fans appreciate and worship him. No one can make remarkable achievements like Guardiola. He is a crazy man who specializes in football.

During five years when he served as the head coach of Barcelona, starting in 2007, Guardiola had a deep friendship with the team and Messi. He trained Messi from FC Barcelona II to the first team and made him the top player in the world. Barcelona was called “King” at that time because of consecutive trophies. He not only guide players with words but also personally plays football to guide them.

In fact, he is modest as a footballer or a manager. His superb skills and football thinking allow him to point out players’ problems directly. The workaholic who has a passion for football will make Manchester City better.

Manchester City Away Football Shirt 2016-17

Designed and manufactured by Nike, this away shirt is predominately black with yellow and red details, which looks more stylish and modern. Yellow Nike Swoosh and the sponsor’s name are printed on the front of the shirt. The most important element(the club crest) is heat pressed on the chest. This brand new shirt feature a red stripe on both sides to keep players cool when they are running on the football field.

The shirt is made from 100% recycled polyester, showing Nike’s environmental responsibilities. In addition, Dri-FIT technology will also keep athletes comfortable.

Manchester City Third Football Shirt 2016-17

This unique shirt, which features two bold colors(orange and purple), shows the vitality and creativity of the club and the entire city. The first purple shirt for the club was the 1992 away shirt and the color was used again in the 2007-08 and 2014-15 seasons. Other details consist of orange short sleeves and black breathable stripe that is put on both sides of the jersey. Nike Swoosh and “ETIHAD AIRWAYS” in white are also shown on the front. The indispensable club crest pays tribute to the great club. “CITY” is printed at the back of the collar; “EST 1894” is embroidered on the inside of sleeves, showing the long history of Manchester City.

Real Madrid Football Kits

We can say that Real Madrid is the most successful football club in the world. The strong squad has won lots of trophies. It has won 33 La Liga titles, 19 Copa del Rey trophies, 10 Supercopa de España titles, 12 UEFA Champions League titles, two UEFA Cups, four UEFA Super Cups, three Intercontinental Cups and three FIFA Club World Cups. The world-famous club certainly owns excellent and powerful footballers, such as Cristiano Ronaldo(3rd captain) who was the club’s most expensive signing when he joined in 2009, Gareth Bale, Sergio Ramos(captain), Karim Benzema(4th captain), Marcelo(vice-captain) and so on.

Real Madrid won 6-0 over RC Celta in their last home game in the 2017-18 season. Bale performed so well in this game and showed his unique skills twice. The players of the other team had to look at the back of Bale hopelessly. According to La Liga official data, Bale’s sprint speed is 33.6 km/h! Therefore, the man will make any opponent feel frightened. This game was also special for Marcelo, the most popular player in Real Madrid. He completed his 450th match on his 30th birthday for the club. What’s more, Florentino Pérez, current president of Real Madrid C.F., personally sent a commemorative jersey with “450 and PARTIDOS(matches)” for Marcelo. The great footballer joined Real Madrid when he was 19 years old; he has been playing for the Los Blancos(The Whites) for 11 years.

Although there is the last round of match of the 2017-18 La Liga, all the suspense has been announced and came to an end ahead of schedule. Barcelona wins the championship early, and Atletico Madrid gets second place. Real Madrid and Valencia are ranked the third and the fourth.

Villarreal CF and Real Betis are qualified for the UEFA Europa League and Sevilla FC is qualified for the qualifying games of the competition. On the other hand, Málaga CF, UD Las Palmas and Deportivo de La Coruña are relegated to La Liga 2. This is the first time that La Liga has not had any suspense before the last round since the 1930-1931 season.

Adidas will continue to provide football shirts for Real Madrid until 2020. However, in view of Real Madrid’s huge business value, it decides to renew the contract in advance 3 years in order to avoid the fierce competition against rivals, such as Nike and PUMA. In addition, Fly Emirates will also be the sponsor of Real Madrid.

Real Madrid Home Kit 2017-18

The home kit includes traditional white shirt and white shorts. Adidas logo, the club crest and the sponsor’s name are all shown on the front of the shirt. Adidas’ innovative technologies allow players to perform better on the field.

Real Madrid Away Kit 2017-18

Manufactured by Adidas Climacool technology, the away shirt makes players dry and cool, so they are able to be more concentrated on games. Besides, lightweight material is used to make players run faster and perform better.

If you are a big of the club, it is so great for you to wear a Real Madrid shirt. You can show your support no matter where you are.

Olympique Lyon Home Shirt 2017-18

Located in Lyon, Olympique Lyonna, commonly known as Lyon, competes in Ligue 1, the highest football division in France. The club was founded in 1899, but it was nationally established as a club in 1950. The most successful period of the club started form 2001. It won Ligue 1 in the 2001-02, 2002-03, 2003-04, 2004-05, 2005-06, 2006-07 and 2007-08 seasons, creating a record of seven successive Ligue 1 titles. In addition, it won five Coupe de France titles and three Ligue 2 titles.

Paul Le Guen became the manager of Lyon in 2002 and helped the club win three titles of Ligue 1. When Le Guen was very young, he wanted to be a football manager and had already made career planning. He explained:“When I hung up my boots, I devoted myself completely to obtaining a diploma for head coach. I was ready to start my career as a coach at the age of 32. I’ve done a lot of preparation and I will never regret it.” In 2009, Le Guen was named the manager of Cameroon national team and helped it reach the knockout stage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Lyon plays home games at the Stade de Gerland with a seating capacity of 25,000 spectators. The stadium is listed as a Category three stadium by UEFA’s standards. In addition to football games, it also hosts the 1972 Rugby League World Cup, UEFA Euro 1984, the 1998 FIFA World Cup, and the 2007 Rugby World Cup. If you long to feel the excitement, you are able to visit the stadium.

Born on 27 November 1941, Aimé Étienne Jacquet is a retired French football coach and former player. He transferred to Lyon in 1973 and served as the captain three years later. As an excellent coach, Jacquet was named IFFHS World’s Best National Coach, European Coach of the Year and Onze d’Or Coach of the Year, an award given by French magazine since 1991.

Olympique Lyon Home Shirt 2017-18

The brand new home shirt continues the tradition of the club and uses white as the main color. It features a white V-neck collar. Gray Adidas three stripes and cuffs bring a new appearance, in contrast to the body part. Red Adidas brand logo is printed on the right chest for easy brand recognition. The significant club badge is shown on the left, paying tribute to the great history of the club. A red stripe and a blue stripe are put on the front of the shirt, which is inspired by the classic shirts in the 1960s, showing the long history of the club and symbolizing the city Lyon. Besides, “HYUNDAI”, the club’s sponsor, is inlaid in the blue stripe and the logo is in the red stripe.

White shorts and socks complete the newly released home kit.

The comfortable and breathable football kit is available for millions of football fans. It is also stylish in your daily life. Of course, you can wear the kit to watch a home game at the Stade de Gerland and cheer on your favorite team.